Blanchard Chapel


Q: How many people can Blanchard Chapel hold?
A: Our maximum capacity is 80 indoors or 100 outdoors.

Q: Is there room for on-site parking?
A: Yes, there is plenty of parking space available.

Q: How much does a wedding cost?
A: Weddings start at $895, and the price depends upon the wedding package selected.

Q: Can a wedding ever cost less than $895?
A: Yes. If you have a private ceremony during the week, your wedding may only cost $495.

Q: What is a private ceremony?
A: It is a wedding ceremony for just the Bride & Groom, with up to 8 guests attending.

Q: What is included in the price?
A: The Sanctuary is furnished with floral arrangements, candles, a piano and the original pews. The Reception Room and Hall contain punch bowls, coffee pots, tables, chairs, and more.

Q: May we bring our own minister?
A: Yes. We welcome any Officiant you choose.

Q: May we bring in our own caterers?
A: Yes. We welcome professional caterers and we also permit families to bring in their own personally prepared food.

Q: Is alcohol allowed?
A: Yes. There are a few requirements for this, such as you must post a banquet permit and provide a bartender. Banquet permits may be obtained online at

Q: Is insurance recommended?
A: Yes. We recommend, and do ask that you provide insurance with a 300,000 liability coverage minimum, a 1000 or less deductible, and noting Blanchard Chapel as "Additional Insured" at 3685 Legg Road, Bow, WA 98232.

Q: May we have an outdoor wedding?
A: Yes. We have a garden and meadow setting which is lovely for outdoor weddings and receptions.

Q: If it rains, would we be able to move indoors?
A: Yes. The Chapel may be set up and ready for this possibility.

Q: What must we do to reserve our date?
A: We ask for a $550 deposit to hold a date. Your event payment is due 60 days before your reservation.

Q: Will we get the deposit back?

A: Yes. Your deposit will be returned in full within 60 days of your reservation provided there is no cause for deduction.

Q: Will you permit us to have a unique or non-traditional event?
A: Yes. Blanchard Chapel welcomes civil ceremonies, religious vows of any faith, commitment ceremonies, renewals of vows, wedding anniversaries, music recitals and plays, memorials, and many other diverse events.